Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A whirlwind tour of Copenhagen

I love Europe because most of the cities are so small and compact that you can
a) Walk across them
b) See them in a day

So Denmark is my 47th country and I was pleased that I could make it to Copenhagen. The weather was a bit dull and rainy but that didn't stop us from walking all over town.

Copenhagen is beautiful in its own way. Very similar to a lot of European capitals yet different. There are tons of bikers and they own the road. So if you are in their path, beware cos they are not going to be polite and move aside for you. No way! You better watch out 'cos you are going to get knocked down.

It is supposed to be the happiest place in Europe and they actually have a term for it "feeling the hygge" (pronounced hooga). It is difficult to explain except it is more than a warm cozy feeling. For a better understanding, check out Visit Denmark site.

Copenhagen is home to the famed Tivoli gardens which is Europe's first amusement mark, the Hans Andersen Little Mermaid which is truly "little", Christiania which is a world of its own, Nyhavn the beautiful harbourfront, the Amalienborg palace with the changing of the guards and many other beautiful buildings and parks.

Even though I saw most of it in a day, I am sure there is so much more left to be seen. One day I shall return for a longer visit. But till then enjoy my pictures.

  Tivoli Gardens - the amusement park

This building has a thermometer on the side

                                                                 The facade of the Town Hall

                                                                 The Main Square

The Town Hall - we went in for free wifi!

                                                      The beautiful interiors of the Town Hall

                                                      Trolls, trolls, everywhere

The ubiquitous bicycle


                                                                      The frozen canal

                                                                She's the busty mermaid!!

                                                          Cricket gear at the Irish pub, Nyhavn

                                                                        The Opera House

                                                                  The palace square

Changing of the guard takes place at noon

The Little Mermaid

Christiania is a self proclaimed neighbourhood of 850 residents in the heart of Copenhagen. It is a freetown where drugs are freely available though not legally (and is a bit controversial). Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside as there are 3 rules:
a) Have fun
b) No running
c) No photography

You can buy varieties of hash in the form of cupcakes, sweets and the regular smokes.

We also came across a wall with angel wings where you could pose and take pictures. Now that's what we call a cool city.