Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Landskrona.........a quaint little citadel in South Sweden

Landskrona is more Danish than Swedish. It is a quaint little citadel in South Sweden and we went to visit only because my friend Saloni has her classes there and thought it might be an interesting site off the beaten track.

It is situtated on a natural harbour and was established to counter the Hanseatic League. It was burned by the Hanseatic League in 1428. Over the years it changed rulers several times from Danish to Swedish back to Danish. Now it is in Sweden but with a very Danish outlook.

                                                                Walking on the frozen lake

                                                               The Citadel with the moat

                                               This is a hospital. What a lovely place to recover!

                                                    Fortifications along the coastline

                                                                    Even the sea is frozen

                                        These surf breakers are ugly or pretty? Mixed reactions.....


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